International Patients

At The Sports Medical Group our central location and patient concierge service allows us to see patients from all over the world. If you are travelling some distance to access our service please do contact us for more information on how we can help make this journey as easy as possible.

We are all very busy people and not everyone can easily come to Harley Street for the treatment they need.
Dr Eva Carneiro has a long history of treating a range of people from many nationalities and she has the advantage
of being able to converse in 3 languages.

We also have a practice in the Specialist Medical Clinic in Gibraltar where Dr Eva Carneiro currently attends to many patients from Southern Europe and North Africa.

Please call + 350 200 49999

The Sports Medical Group although being based in Harley Street also treats many clients from around the world who suffer from a range of issues, young, old, elite athletes to keen and dedicated sports people.

Some clients are people who have an issue that has been a challenge for years without a permanent solution and they have come to us for fresh and state of the art approach.